I choose your school, because I was referred from a colleague of mine stating Infinity had the best user friendly online courses ever. And they were right. I would recommend you guys anytime. Thanks a lot!
James , CA Life Agent 

“Your keyword search feature on your online courses was extremely helpful. I intend on using your services again.”
Scott, CA Fire & Casualty 

nfinity you have saved my life. I did not think I would have completed my courses the same day my license expired, but thanks to your online keyword search feature I finished my exams just 2 hours later from the time of purchasing them. How cool is that! And thank you so much for reporting my hours that same day.
Sergio , CA Fire & Casualty 

Your online program was everything that you promised and more. With two younger kids needing my full attention I did not think I was ever going to get my courses done. But due to your online material everything turned out just perfect. I was able to get everything done well my younger boys where taking their naps. Thanks Infinity!
Jennifer , CA Fire & Casualty and Life Agent  

What I like about Infinity Schools is that their materials are good for up to one year from the date of purchase and If you are one of those people like me that like to take time and not be rushed taking ce courses well here you go Infinity Schools is the one for you. I’ve used other schools in the past and your giving only a couple of days, a few weeks if that to get your materials back in to them. Infinity you are the best!
Janice , CA Personal Lines 

I just like to thank Infinity’s staff for always being so nice and helpful to me every time I call. I know I can always rely on them anytime I have any questions. Regards,
Mike, CA Fire & Casualty 

I like to thank Infinity Schools for always being there in a time of need. When I need to know what new regulations there are or what the state is requiring of me, Infinity does not hesitate to assist me. And I really truly appreciate that. Thank you!
Daniel , CA Life Agent 

What I liked about Infinity was how if you fail an exam you are given 3 chances, and at other schools I’ve used if you fail an exam that’s it your done. No more tries. Infinity thanks for giving me my money’s worth. I’d be sure to send all my friends to you.
Paul, CA Fire &Casualty  

I had a few concerns about my license. Thank you for the prompt response to my email.
Jim, CA Life Agent 

I just wanted to thank your staff for assisting me in, as per to what was required of my license renewal without you guys I would have never figured it out. It’s just so hard trying to get in contact with the Dept. of Insurance.
Carla , CA Life Agent 

“Thank you for reporting my results to the CA Dept. of Insurance the same day I completed my course…”
Lorenzo , CA Fire & Casualty   

I like to thank your staff for helping me with my license renewal. This was my first time ever having to complete ce credits after having my license and I had no clue what to do. Thank you all for your help.
Carlos, CA Fire & Casualty and Life Agent 

Infinity you have the best online courses ever. Not only is it user friendly, but that keyword search feature is just a big time saver. I purchased courses from your school and completed them that same day. Thank you so much!
Katrina , CA Personal Lines  

“I just wanted to say that your course and exam were everything that your staff had promised”. I just completed the CA Ethics in just 20 minutes. I was very surprised on how quick and easy it was especially having that keyword search feature. Thank you Infinity!!!!!!!
Tatiana , CA Fire & Casualty  

“When we were looking for an insurance school for our personal and business CE needs, we wanted a company that was well known, so we picked Infinity Schools. We always feel that they are being up-front with there recommendations as to what courses best fit us personal and also for our business. We refer a lot of our colleagues to Infinity and they are also pleased with the prompt and personal service they receive.”
Rebecca & James, CA Fire & Casualty  

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your fabulous expertise and service”
Freddie , CA Life Agent 

“I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate knowing that whatever I request whether it be updated information, materials, or just general questions, I know that I will be taken care of”. Thank You!
Rose , CA Fire & Casualty  

I would not hesitate to recommend your company to other prospective customers”
Ms. Betty, CA Life Agent   

"I choose your school because you guys are the only school that offers a guarantee to pass but I didn't even need to use it since I passed my exam today with an 82%. Tell Annalina Thanks so much for her assistance. They are Awesome!"
Sandra, CA Limited Lines Auto 

"Your course is really really good. All four of my employees went thru the course and passed on their first attempt with your material. They had all taken the exam before and failed with another company. Thanks for coming to the rescue and thanks for your help throughout the process."
Doug, CA Life Agent  

"I will recommend your school to all of my co-workers. Thank you."
Lisa, CA Personal Lines  







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